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Welcome to my smugmug site. This site is a companion site to my motoblog – http://www.gsadv.com. The idea behind both sites is to have a place to keep my travelogues and photos. Visit the gsadv.com site to read about my motorcycle travels – I try to do a notable ride or two a year.

So, what's my story? Pretty straight-forward, actually. I'm into motorcycles and visit all of the usual places on the net where you might find bikers - some of those places are http://www.advrider.com, http://www.bmwlt.com, and http://www.horizonsunlimited.com. I'm sure there are plenty more sites - but those are a few of the ones that ring my bell the most.

Not only am I into motorcycles, I'm seriously into riding long distances. It's somewhat hard to explain - and I'm not even sure I could if you were to ask. Suffice to say, if you have to ask... Yeah, I know, you know how that finishes.

I'm into long distance riding, I'm into cross country trips, and I one day hope to complete a round the world (RTW) motorcycle journey. It's getting a lot easier each year - so many adventure types take off each day and make the world just a bit smaller and less intimidating with their travels. But I hope I can take off on my trip before there’s a super-highway from Chicago all the way east, with connections to Chicago from the west. That’ll happen sooner or later, I think. I’d like to see the world before that happens, though…

Most of my trips will be moto trips, but every now and again I'll decide to take a fun trip to Russia, China, Hong Kong, Peru, or some other out of the way place and will talk about it here.

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